Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 29 - First for 2018

I think there are quite a number of bloggers who are
very excited at the moment about the return
of Simply Neutrals Tuesday party
which Wen Sylvestre of
has so generously decided to host again after a break last year!

As it turns out I was just creating some new artwork
for Valentine's Day for my Etsy shop
and, how lucky was I, that I was able to include
 my creations in the event today!

So firstly I have two cards to share along
the St. Valentine's



 and this more romantic card
where I used some of the eco-dyed paper I created
and posted about in my last post.

Below are some collaged hearts (naturally)
symbolizing the innocence and purity
of love and meaningful


"Reaching out" to a loved one!


then sharing special long time

 and finally
those companionships which are
treasured and last forever!

Some very old antique lace and tattered embroidered silk
have been incorporated in these treasures of love!

These hearts and the first card shown on this post
are available in my Etsy shop 
now for your perusal!

Now please click on this link above at AppleApricot blog
if you wish to see all other bloggers sharing their
as well as joining the party if you wish - the more the merrier!


Thanks so much dear Wen again for allowing all of this inspiration
available to us again for the coming New Year!

Many thanks to all of my wonderful supporters and kind bloggers
for visiting and always leaving such encouraging

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Eco-dyed paper experiment!

Dear readers
in my last post I mentioned some eco-dyeing
 that I had been
experimenting with
at home and thought I might share some more images
some tools, plants etc. that I used to create these results.

This post is not really a tutorial on eco-dyeing as such
 but rather my own adventure into experimenting with 
some plants from my garden. 

In this particular case these are a couple of plants I used.
This first one is from the Plectranthus family - there
are many varieites of this plant but I used
Plectranthus Nitidus (Silver Plectranthus)

Another plant was Impatiens!
I also used some ferns, palm leaves and
Japanese Maple.


I prepared 6 sheets of 300gms heavy weight water color paper
then laid my plant material overlapping on each page,
picking up the whole lot and placing the pages
in my wooden plant press
was just created from timber and 4 bolts with wing nuts
 in each corner.  

 I tightened everything down then placed the press
in this enamel dyeing container which was
3/4 full and which I had brought to the
boil with a number of rusty nuts, bolts, rusty steel rods, 
bits and pieces
to create some iron to the pot of water.


Before placing the plant press in the water
I added 1 cup of vinegar to act as a mordant.

I also did another little experiment where I added a few
sprinklings of Dylon grey dye to the water
(something which I saw on a You Tube video)
this was purely experimental also!
I left the press in the pot for approx. 90 minutes before
when I removed the plant material from the pages
these are the results they gave.

I must say the whole process was very uncomplicated
and gave the most amazingly clear results!
 These images above were taken once I removed them from
the dye pot still wet - so they were quite strong
and the images below were taken several days later.

 So the dried results were still very striking - strong and dark
but soft and subtle also!


The dyed lace piece was from a different project where I was
using some "Infusion" - dried coloured stains but
I thought they blended so beautifully together
along with some favourite lace fabric,
burnout fabric and trims.  


 This is one project where I used the beautiful eco-dyed paper!


 Hope this gives you a little inspiration to
try this type of natural dyeing. It is
so rewarding in every possible way -
don't forget to share your results with us too!

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Sunday, December 31, 2017

A New Year's Wish

Getting ready to take flight from 2017 into 2018
 from my homeland to yours
 I have one wish and it's simple
 - Be happy and Be healthy. 
I wish this for everyone!
(Spoonbills getting ready to fly in the early morning
on our wetland)
It almost could be a painting!


Of all the paths you take in life
make sure a few of them
are in nature!

Some new eco-dyed pages and a
small  journal
created with eco-dyed silks
to share with you in the
New Year
along with some new artwork!


Thank you so much for your friendship, loyalty and kindness
with your visits and comments
 throughout the year!
It is so really appreciated by me!
I hope 2018 shines brightly for you too!

Suzy xox

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Vignette

As Christmas is the time for celebrating
the birth of Christ in our home
it has also become
customary for us to celebrate
with a Christmas Vignette which I love
to prepare this time of year! 


There are several different events this time of year


you may be celebrating any one of these:
Christmas Day
St. Nicholas Day
Summer or Winter Solstice
Boxing Day or whatever day 



 but it is a time we come 
together as family or friends



to share gifts, festive foods, beverages, good company
as well as

meeting up with old family members to party
to share stories, laughs, yarns 


 and often in the background are the simple reminders
with angels, candles, christmas trees and



 awakening us to the simple joys of giving and sharing

and the importance of the visitation
of the Divine to the planet earth!
Wishing everybody a really Happy Festive Season
in whichever way you celebrate
and thank you so much dear friends for
your continued support in visiting my blog 
throughout the year
wishing you also a prosperous 
happy and healthy New Year!
May your God Bless You!

Sincerely,  Suzy xox

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